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About Tamim Partners

About Us

At Tamim Partners, we believe that one of the most significant challenges leaders face is the danger of becoming dis-integrated and fragmented; disconnected from their core identity and their most meaningful relationships-at work, at home and in the world. Through our proven methodologies and practices, we help leaders and their teams grow in wholeness and integrity in their work and life.


The world we live in is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous- it is a VUCA world. This environment requires vastly different ways of working and leading than what worked even a decade ago. It demands humility and courage, vulnerability and resolve—and the ability to lead out of often unresolvable tensions. Building the capacity and capability to lead and work out of one’s identity from a place of deep coherence requires wise guides as they travel through complexity.


At Tamim Partners, we understand the need for an experienced Sherpa for the adventure. Not for the faint of heart, the self-reflective leader knows that traveling alone into the wilderness is ill advised, but going out with the right guides make all the difference in the quality and outcomes of the journey.


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Lisa Pratt Slayton


Lisa is the Founding Partner and CEO of Tamim Partners LLC. Previously Lisa served at the Pittsburgh Leadership Foundation for 13 years, the last 6 as President and Chief Executive Officer. While at PLF, Lisa has designed and launched the Leaders Collaborative and delivered organizational development consulting, training, and executive coaching services to a wide variety of organizations.

Lisa currently is a Board Director for Made to Flourish and Leadership Foundations where she additionally serves as a Senior Innovation Fellow for the CCIC. She also recently became a certified coach for Designing Your Life, a powerful process for discerning calling using design thinking principles.

She is passionate about great books, excellent wine and beautiful shoes. A small community on the coast of Maine is her place of renewal and restoration.

Lisa attended Mount Holyoke College and Bakke Graduate University (M.A., Social and Civic Entrepreneurship). Residing in the Pittsburgh metro area, she has been married to Roger for 38 years, has one adult son, Zachary; two beloved Labradors, Thea and Grace; and is a member of Memorial Park Church, an Evangelical Presbyterian Congregation.

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Rick Wellock


Rick is an organizational catalyst integrating human systems development, organizational design and “pathing,” , professional and executive coaching, and relationship and team development to help bring out the very best in individuals and teams. He is known for making the complex both simple and sensible. Often engaged in deep systemic change processes within teams and communities, he can most often be found listening deeply, asking questions that are hard to answer and helping people get unstuck.

He is able to help leaders more faithfully steward that which has been entrusted to them-their own gifts and strengths, as well as that of their people.

Rick Wellock is an Associate Member of SIMA International and has served as senior consultant with the McNellis Company and Creative Planning Specialists and as the Director of Individual and Organizational Transformation for the Pittsburgh Leadership Foundation.

He is married to Dody for over 23 years, is a proud father to Amy (and Brett), Reid (and Rachel) and “Papa Ock” to Dorothy Rose, Ada, and Clark.

Offer Rick a beer and burger and your life will be forever changed by the time the meal is done.

Rick has worked with many corporate clients have included: Amoco Oil, Clear Channel Communications, Conner Partners, Bank of America, CNG Gas, Merck Pharmaceutical and The Disney Corporation. Rick has also worked with a wide variety of privately held and family owned businesses, professional firms, and manufacturing companies, as well as nonprofit organizations.

Rick is a graduate of Geneva College, Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, B.A. and Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, M.Div. He has Certifications from the New England Gestalt Institute and Interpersonal Communication Programs, Inc. 

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Why We Exist

 To Live lives of coherence, meaning and contribution in the midst of complexity.  

What We Focus On

To create conditions for personal, relational and organizational transformation that that invites individuals and teams into high performance and well being.

What Matters Most

  • Integrity- walk and talk are coherent; embodying a holistic life

  • Radical Hospitality- creating an environment of grace and love

  • Learning-be open minded and open hearted; cultivate humility and curiosity

  • Relationships- People are not a means to an end, they are an end unto themselves

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